“Karen has beautiful furniture at a great price. Very friendly and willing to help! She has an impeccable eye for design. It is definitely worth a visit!!”

Julie Wells

“I had a friend that was in a dire situation related to her housing needs. Karen and her staff showed so much compassion to her. This city is truly blessed to have someone like Karen. I’m glad to know there are still genuine and good people in this world.”

Autumn VanBibber

“This is retail therapy at it’s best. Come in and see the Christopher Radko ornament tree. Totally adorable.”

Greg Hoskinson

“These people are wonderful! They came out to see what my Mom had to sell and then came back to pick it up. Such a classy place and nice people.”

Donna Gilbert

“My favorite furniture/decor store in Evansville – I love this place!”

Lea Davies Zabrowski